ClickinWalk2018 - Sacramento

The CM ClickinWalk is probably one of my most favorite events with this community of amazing photographers. For the past couple of years I have traveled out to San Francisco for this event, but this year I went the other direction out to Sacramento. Organized by some truly talented photographers, Jen, Jyo and Melissa, it was the best cure to break me out of my rut! The neighborhood around R Street is refreshing with cool wall murals and cute, inviting restaurants. I would absolutely love to live in a neighborhood like this! I believe that every city should have a space for local artists to display their work and I would die if Brentwood had some wall murals like these!

The other great thing about the Clickinwalk is that anyone can join - professionals, hobbyists, advanced photographers and beginners! We all come together with our common love of photography and that's all you need!


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